What Does Your Day Look Like With ENTR?

Your alarm goes off: a new day has begun. Your planner is full, and you know there likely won’t be much wiggle room today. But how will you be able to juggle it all? How will you be able to cross all those tasks off your work to-do list, while still managing the homefront – from afar? Luckily, you have ENTR, the smart key-free locking solution.

8 AM: Hands-free, when your hands are full
Hands full with the latest batch of dry-cleaning, a piping hot thermos of coffee and the lunch your third-grader forgot on the kitchen counter; you head out the front door. Thanks to ENTR’s automatic locking capability, you can head straight to the car, without having to worry about locking the house, or locking yourself outside the house. Success! Now, if only you could remember to take your coffee off of the roof of the car before pulling out of your driveway…

2 PM: Security you can count on
You’re making your way through mounds of paperwork at the office, but in the back of your mind, you know the school day is done, and your kids are on their way home. Instead of worrying about whether they lost their keys, you are confident that they can use their fingerprints to identify themselves to ENTR and let themselves in.

5 PM: Home, sweet home
With the workday behind you, you just ENTR your home, easily, without having to turn a key or inconvenience your loved ones by ringing a bell. You plop down on the couch, relishing just a few minutes of relaxation before the doorbell rings: the pizza you ordered for supper has arrived. No need to get up though! You have tip money in your pocket and your ENTR remote in your hand. You unlock the door from your leather perch and call out to the delivery person to head your way.

10 PM: Custom access control for sweet dreams
With ENTR, it’s just easier to fall asleep, knowing tomorrow’s daily home madness is in full control. Sweet dreams!

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