Removing Human Error from Home Security

Burglaries can happen at any time. However, a large percentage of home thefts are not caused by forced entry or sophisticated thievery skills, but rather due to poor access security. In fact, statistics show household break-ins often occur by burglars walking, crawling or climbing into houses easily.

But there is good news for homeowners – you don’t have to turn your house into a guarded fortress. There are simple proactive measures you can take to safeguard your home without armored knights and high walls. Here are a few of them –

The DON’Ts
Don’t leave areas in your house unlit.
Dark corners in your front or backyard have a magnifying effect on thieves, and it makes sense – why should they be alarmed when no one can see them come in?

Don’t scatter your keys in so-called “hidden” places.
This is a clear invitation for burglars to just walk right in your doorway. And yes, it turns out our hiding places are often not so secretive and creative like we thought…

Don’t leave your mail piling up when you’re gone.
Ask a neighbor to pick up your piling mail for you while you’re not home. Otherwise, this screams “I’m not home” to anyone passing by.

Don’t leave your entrances unlocked.
Forgetting to lock the door is so unbelievably common, it happens to everyone. But all it takes is one time for a burglar to take advantage of our absent-mindedness and use it to break into our home.

The DOs
Use a well-known locking brand to deter from forced entry.
Most thieves, surprisingly perhaps, look for the easy way in. So if you’re using a well-known lock, such as Mul-T-Lock, most thieves will probably look for another way in.

Install a smart lock to eliminate the risk of losing your keys or forgetting to lock.
It’s incredible how simple solutions can prevent our human-error risks. After all, we’re all human, and that means we have to deal with emotions and stress and “drive me around to all of my after-school activities” and “where did I place those &*%$& keys??” thoughts. And that’s okay, because we can’t be expected to be robots and do everything right. That’s what we have technology for – to solve our human errors. A smart lock is made to give us that peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding our home access, by relieving us of constantly worrying about our keys and whether or not we locked the door.

Maintaining our home security is a top priority, but somehow we keep letting it slip under our daily, mundane routine. Fortunately, there are simple ways to be more cautious and use affordable technology to prevent us from neglecting our home security.

Now all we have to do is start using them.

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