KeyLess Entry

Eliminate Traditional Keys

Electronic access control provides the utmost in security, control and flexibility, plus it eliminates the need to carry traditional keys. A facility with many people requiring varying levels of access is an excellent candidate for an access control system.

Access control systems grant permission to enter when a valid credential is presented to a reader mounted near the door. The credential can be in the form of a pin number, swipe card, key fob, token, biometric signature or cell phone. Some systems may even require two-factor authentication, for example, both a swipe card and a pin number.

When designed properly a small two-or-three door access control system can grow over time to support multiple buildings with hundreds of doors with thousands of users. Click to learn about the benefits of electronic access.

Typical access control applications include:

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Warehouses
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Gated Communities
  • Parking Garages
  • Office Towers
  • Community Centers
  • Volunteer Fire departments
  • Colleges and Universities

Commercial Access Control

A typical commercial access control system has the following components:

  • Credentials (card, token, biometric signature)
  • Door Readers (to scan the credentials)
  • Electrified door lock or strike
  • Communication network
  • Access control software
  • Database

Click here to see a diagram of a typical commercial access control system.

TikTok LockSmith can help select the appropriate access control components for your application. Call your local office today for assistance.

Residential Access Control

Residential Access Control in Columbus Ohio , though on a smaller scale than commercial, is just as important for protecting not only physical assets, but also your family from burglars and break-ins. A residential security system from Lockmart also includes the convenience of keyless door locks with its permission-based technology. Our customers report that peace of mind is a natural result of every residential Access Control system we install. Your security is ensured with Lockmart electronic door locks.

There is no danger of losing your keys and being locked out with Lockmart’s Access Control systems. What’s more, we can customise a solution specific to your property, situation and budget. Perhaps you only need one standalone keypad with keyless door locks at the front door. Or you may prefer something more complex, such as a biometric identification system on multiple entry points.

We work hard to give all customers excellent value for money with top level service. Honesty and integrity are important to us, so we will advise against more costly systems if they do not line up with your needs.

Get friendly advice and with a no-nonsense recommendation for your residential access control system. With close to 25 years of industry experience, we will save you time and money.

Or How About Something More Basic?

Many people no longer want to carry keys. The simplicity of a pushbutton lock is a more attractive option. Perhaps you’re worried about controlling the number of keys in use, want your kids to get in when you can’t make it home, or give someone only temporary access.

TikTok LockSmith offers a wide range of mechanical pushbutton and electronic keypad locks for home or business use.

Typically, electronic keypads are battery operated, and lock with either a motorized or hand-operated bolt. Motorized locks are convenient, however if they aren’t installed correctly the bolt can rub on the strike plate and quickly deplete the batteries. For residential use we prefer locks like the  BE365 and FE595. The batteries in these locks power only the keypad and a small latch. The bolt is operated by hand, which saves on battery life.

For Commercial applications, the KabaSimplex 1000 mechanical pushbutton lock, and the TikTok CO-100 standalone electronic lock are highly recommended. 

Video Surveillance

As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words, which is especially true in the security business. When you’re not home, or way from your place of business, a security camera can record what happens in your absence. The mere sight of a camera can act as a deterrent to mischief-makers, and help make your case in court should a crime occur.

Footage from a security camera can also help achieve correct and fair decisions. Whether it’s dealing with a family, employee or customer dispute, doubts can be laid to rest, or confirmand, with video evidence.

Contact your local TikTok LockSmith location today to learn more about installing video surveillance systems.