5 things to consider when buying a smart lock – A guide to a smart lock beginner

If you’re not pulling your hair out by now after searching for the right smart lock, we salute you. A smart lock isn’t exactly your weekly grocery shopping; it requires careful consideration and quite a bit of research. And there are sooo many features to consider, so many designs and access options – how can you tell which one suits you the best? What should you look for?
But before we dive in, it’s important you keep in mind one thing – whatever product you choose, make sure it is not only neat and shiny, but is also able to make your life simpler, and keep you and your loved ones safe and secure. Because when technology overrides simplicity and comfort, there’s really no use to it, especially when it comes to smart locks.

So, without further ado, let’s get right to the bottom of this, and review some of the most vital criteria you should be looking for when choosing the right smart lock for your needs. 
1. Security Let’s talk facts – 
Smart locks may be pretty and dandy, but first things first; they need to be secure. And though they are all based on the same locking principles, they may vary in security regulations. Make sure you choose a smart lock that meets rigorous security criteria and look for advanced identification and authentication features, such as a fingerprint reader.
2. Installation”Oh no, not the door…”
This seemingly unimportant aspect of your purchase is actually a critical factor to consider. Your auto locking solution should be easy enough to install, without any changes required to your door. Any solution that requires complex installation or aesthetic damage to your door is not worth the hassle, or the cost of a new front door… 3. Battery power and chargerNothing more frustrating than your smart lock running out of power right when you need it!
This is a big concern for many smart lock seekers since it’s such a drag having to purchase and replace the batteries. So you’ll want to look for a product that offers sustainable battery life and requires easy charging at a reasonable time gap.
4. Easy accessSmart does not mean complicated! 
Smart locks are supposed to make doorway access easier, more convenient to use, safe, and yes, chicer. So in your search for the right smart lock, make sure it is easy to operate, not only for you but for your family members and other visitors. Today’s smart locks feature digital and touch pads for entering a code, remote controls, and phone apps to open with a click, fingerprint reader, and traditional keyholes. There is no right or wrong access, but a suitable choice should include various ways to enter and lock your door. And here’s a rule of thumb to follow– if your technophobe parents struggle to use it, it means it’s not your ideal choice.

5. Connectivity
Let your smart lock “do the talking” with the rest of your gadgets
No smart lock is really “smart” unless it connects to your other smart devices. Make sure the smart lock you are considering can connect to your smartphone or other smart appliances in your home. This will provide better control over your home and help the smart lock stay true to its purpose – enhancing convenience and bettering your lifestyle.
So let’s wrap it upWhile sifting through endless brands and shiny features, your guiding principle should be looking for a product that includes simple installation, is easy to use, with strong battery life, that meets safety standards, and conveniently connects to your other smart devices.
Because smart lock technology is great, but if you want to utilize it and enjoy its benefits to the full, these features are a must-have.
Good luck and happy smart lock spree!

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